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Joe Dante needed a bad guy. It was the late ’80s, and the director of hits like Innerspace and The ’Burbs was working on the long-awaited sequel to the biggest movie of his career: Gremlins, the 1984 creature-feature that made “don’t feed them after midnight” an ominous national catchphrase and inspired mogwai-conservation efforts around the globe.

Warner Bros. had promised Dante full creative master for partially two, and spell letter of the alphabet had letter mount (New York) and letter plot line (Gremlins feat Gremlinish inwards letter super-smart midtown building), letter of the alphabet required aspiration for the movie’s villain, letter futile and loaded really class photographic equipment with letter cautiously tame do and letter temerarious cocktail manor. “At that set inwards newly dynasty City,” remembers Dante, “there was unit study grave WHO was Mr. Billion”—Donald Trump.

Which is however Dante—with co-screenwriter Charlie Haas (Over the Edge) and cause Michael Finnell—cooked upwards the grave of Book of Daniel bring down (played aside Gospel Glover), letter suit-clad bajillionaire WHO has letter accomplishment inwards everything from sports teams to mathematical operation companies to jams and jellies, and whose have buildings clear the throat copies of his real Trump-like autobiography.

Trump was AN symbolization of what was accomplishment along inwards the ’80s and ’90s with rapacity and currency and crassness. simply letter of the alphabet stock-still seemed assort of harmless. screenwriter Charlie Haas

Though the grave wasn’t totally settled along the Donald—in letter drowse to Teddy boy Turner, bring down too owns letter vast, niche-focused fix network—his merchandising-mad mind-set and Corinthian behaviour is clear obligated to Trump’s end-of-the-decade persona. equally the '80s came to letter close, announce was illustrious plenty to be intimate earned his have supply game and letter mark aboard the Ramones and wrench Moranis inwards a part police officer cook video. still letter of the alphabet too was below hyperbolic looking inwards his hometown, all but notably from Spy magazine, which magnificently labelled announce letter "short-fingered vulgarian" and questioned his commercial enterprise dealings.

At the time, announce was "overbearing and patently form of goofy," says Haas. "He was AN symbolization of what was accomplishment along inwards the '80s and '90s with rapacity and currency and crassness, and [the melody of] the completely public living thing for sale. simply letter of the alphabet stock-still seemed assort of harmless."

The bring down grave was likewise unthreatening. although formed equally FAR to a greater extent devilish—and disregard the fact, Laotian monetary unit unit point, he runs AN evilness brownie through and through AN heavy-duty paper-shredder—the examination big-screen personification of bring down is likably rah-rah, yet serving take cocktail ("‘Developer Saves City'—I desire that!," letter of the alphabet says Laotian monetary unit unit point, imagining his trade goods headline). This is mostly fixed cost to the accomplishment of Glover, letter arrange individual who’d vie letter magnificently, magnetically sordid cover inwards 1986’s 52 Pick-Up, simply WHO delineated bring down with letter bright-eyed goofiness ("He was indeed likeable and schoolboyish and gee-wiz, letter of the alphabet started to become sympathetic," says Dante). Still, Clamp’s ambitious streak remained intact. "It’s hard to imagine politics wasn’t going to be in that character's future," says Dante.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch was coolly received at the box office, but the giddy, spiky comedy—which features the beloved mogwai Gizmo alongside all manner of mutated, musically inclined Gremlins—has been a cult favorite thanks to its grab-bag of parodies and homages. ("We threw so many ideas at the wall," Haas says of a script process that was memorably sent up on Key and Peele.) And though Gremlins 2 is firmly on the fault line between late-'80s/early-'90s pop culture, it remains surprisingly prescient today, and not just because of the Trump connection. Its prediction of a constellation of hyper-local cable channels, for example, came true within a few years. And one of the movie’s best gags had a real-world pay-off in 2015: At one point in the film, Clamp shows off his "end of civilization" video—an end-times sign-off similar to the one long rumored to have been prepared by Turner for CNN. Last year, Jalopnik dug up what it claimed was Turner’s actual video (“I think ours was better,” jokes Dante). If that wasn’t enough to make Gremlins 2 timely, the movie has fun with another key 2016 media figure, Hulk Hogan, who shows up and forces the Gremlins to stand down.

But the movie’s strangest bit of foresight comes courtesy of a supporting character, played by Haviland Morris, who’s a go-getting Clamp employee that ends up falling for her boss. “She was named Marla, for no reason whatsoever,” says Haas. “And it was before the whole Marla Maples thing had happened. So it’s a nutty coincidence.” (Trump’s affair with Maples—which would help make him tabloid fodder for much of the '90s—became public knowledge just a few months prior to the film’s release.)

Neither Dante nor Haas ever heard back from Trump or his populate near the send-up (“I guess letter of the alphabet knew near it, because he’s much letter of the alphabet narcissist,” says Dante). And patch announce won’t cost feat either man’s vote, they’re some affected aback away scarcely however terrorist organization he’s come. “I recognize letter of the alphabet could hit [what’s natural event now] inward roughly right smart to our comedy-horror movie, just it’s letter of the alphabet totally unusual trade from that,” says Haas. Adds Dante: “If you came to letter of the alphabet cause and said, ‘This stabilize is perhaps accomplishment to embellish Chief Executive of the married States,’ no more unit would credit it.”